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Myeloma Advocacy Program


Access to effective cancer treatments is the right of every patient. By working together, we become stronger, and by empowering patients and speaking as a unified voice for the Canadian myeloma community, we are making a difference.
With several game-changing therapies that have become available in recent years, patients are living longer and enjoying a better life. However, reimbursement and timely access to new therapies remains a challenge for many patients in all Canadian provinces. We need your help to get these treatments to patients in a timely fashion.
Myeloma Canada's role is to empower patients to have your voices heard. Sharing your story is key to influence and shape reimbursement decisions of new myeloma treatments.

We are pleased to announce that Myeloma Canada has developed an easy tool for you to help advocate for access to new treatments by writing your local MPP/MLA/MNA and urging them to act.
Access to new treatments is vital for patients. Thousands of Canadians depend on it. Do your part, and help make a difference.

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On behalf of Myeloma Canada and the Canadian myeloma community, we would like to thank you in advance for helping to put myeloma on the M.A.P. and for making myeloma matter.