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Getting Your Own Support

To prevent or get past burnout, turn to other people—from family and friends to therapists and support groups. Aim to build up a core “tribe” that can help with logistical tasks and provide emotional support. Although you may consider your family to be your first resource, always remember that your loved one’s healthcare team can also provide caregiver support. They are there to help, so reach out to them as needed.

Perhaps the most valuable thing of all is to connect with other caregivers. These are your true peers who can validate your experience, give you fresh ideas and a shoulder to lean on.

Caregiver Associations


Carers Canada —

The Canadian Caregiver Network —

The Canadian Home Care Association —


Caregivers Alberta—

British Columbia

Family Caregivers of British Columbia—


New Brunswick Home Support Association—


CareGivers —

Nova Scotia

Caregivers Nova Scotia —


Caregivers’ Action Centre —

Home Care Ontario —

Ontario Caregiver Organization —

Ontario Caregiver Coalition —


Association des proches aidants de la Capitale-Nationale —

Carrefour des proches aidants de Québec —

Regroupement des aidants naturels du Québec —

Regroupement des aidants naturels de la Mauricie —

Regroupement des aidants et aidantes naturels de Montréal —