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Response to Treatment

When reading about multiple myeloma – and more particularly about research – you're likely to come across terms like "complete response" (CR) or "partial response" (PR).

Please be aware that different studies may apply different definitions to the same terms.

Below are the acronyms of the response categories used by the International Myeloma Working Group.

sCR stringent Complete Response
CR Complete Response
VGPR Very Good Partial Response
PR Partial Response
SD Stable Disease
PD Progressive Disease

For a definition of these response categories, please consult page 26 of the Multiple Myeloma Patient Handbook.

The three Rs

Remission is the complete or partial disappearance of the signs and symptoms of myeloma.
Relapse is when signs and symptoms of myeloma return after a period of improvement.
Refractory is the term used to describe myeloma that does not respond to treatment. 

Experiencing a Relapse in Multiple Myeloma

Many patients can live full and productive lives for years after diagnosis, even after experiencing a relapse. Watch the video below and to hear stories from other patients who have experienced a relapse. For more information on treatment options, click here.