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2023 Défi Everest Challenge Research Grant

In 2022, Myeloma Canada partnered with Myeloma Foundation 8849M on the Défi Everest Challenge to raise money for myeloma research. To ensure a fair and unbiased decision on what research to support with the net proceeds from the event, Myeloma Canada and the Défi Everest Challenge organizing committee have created the Défi Everest Challenge Research Grant to fund research that will help address knowledge gaps for the following priority:

Submitted myeloma research projects must:

  • be for a duration of one or two years;
  • be clearly related to priority #3 of the Myeloma PSP;
  • contribute to improving the quality of life and/or survival of myeloma patients.

Projects that simultaneously encourage the training of young researchers in myeloma are an asset.
All submitted projects will be evaluated by an independent review committee.

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