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Myeloma Consensus Guidelines

Recognizing the need for medical consensus on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of myeloma in Canada across all provinces, Myeloma Canada led the development of the first Canadian evidence-based treatment guidelines in collaboration with a team of Canadian myeloma experts. Managed and financed by Myeloma Canada, the CMRG Consensus Guideline Consortium is a series of peer-reviewed publications that are aimed to improve, standardize, and educate physicians on the management of myeloma in Canada.

What is the purpose of creating these guidelines?

As there were no unified Canadian national guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of MM, there was a need for evidence-based national recommendations. Although some provinces have their own guidelines, the Canadian national guidelines take provincial variations in access and funding into consideration. The overarching goal is to provide Canadian clinicians with concise diagnostic recommendations upon which therapeutic decisions can be made. The focus is on relevance, applicability, and the use of the various tests available in routine Canadian practice.

Read the Consensus Guidelines on the Diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma and Related Disorders: Recommendations of the Myeloma Canada Research Network Consensus Guideline Consortium 

Read the Canadian Consensus Recommendations for the Management of Myeloma-Related Manifestations and Complications

Read the Canadian consensus on the First Line Treatment of Newly Diagnosed Transplant Ineligible Multiple Myeloma