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It’s because of you and your generosity that Canadians with myeloma are living longer.

With your support, we’ll be able to continue fighting so that every Canadian living with myeloma has access to the drug therapies, care options, programs, support and services they desperately need, regardless of who they are, where they live, or what stage they’re at with their disease.

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Elaine’s story

My mother Lorraine was diagnosed with smouldering multiple myeloma (SMM) in 2001. About 18 months later, it turned into myeloma. In 2006, we lost my mom to this devastating cancer.

When mom was diagnosed, we had no idea what myeloma was. Back then, Myeloma Canada didn’t exist, and resources were so limited. There was really only 1 treatment with basically no other options. I did a lot of research on my own but the options just weren’t there.

It still breaks my heart that I couldn’t have done more for my mother when she was going through this horrible disease. That her story might help others, and maybe even help lead to a cure, is amazing.

The progress that’s been made since my mother’s journey is astounding. I’m doing this matching program for Myeloma Canada to help others gain access to information and options my mother didn’t, and to honour her memory and her battle.

Together, let’s turn my $50,000 donation into $100,000 so that other families can enjoy their loved ones longer.

Elaine L. (Alberta)


Your dollar goes twice as far.

With more Canadians living with myeloma than ever before – 11 new Canadians are now diagnosed every day – new treatments and access to them has never been more pressing. Through Elaine’s generous matching gift program, you can help spare others from losing a loved one way too soon. Help turn $50,000 into $100,000 for every Canadian living with this 2nd most common blood cancer.

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We need you to help every Canadian with myeloma live a long and fulfilling life.

On behalf of the thousands of Canadians affected by this devastating – and as of yet, incurable disease, thank you for making myeloma matter.