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Treatment Costs & Insurance Plans

In Canada, myeloma drug costs may be covered by:

  • provincial and territorial government public drug benefit programs;
  • group insurance and benefit plans offered by an employer, union, or school;
  • the drug manufacturer (all or partially covered; must meet certain financial eligibility criteria);
  • paying for the drug out-of-pocket or through a private health insurance plan.

Access to treatment options and treatment coverage, however, varies from province-to-province.

Group insurance and benefit plans can help cover myeloma drug costs and offset out-of-pocket, treatment-related costs. Some employers or unions offer group insurance and benefit plans to employees, who in turn, are usually required to cover a portion of the plan’s cost.

Be sure to read your insurance policy information booklets carefully and speak to your policy issuers to better understand your policy’s coverage, exclusions, payout maximums, and limits.

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