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Myeloma Monitor app

Recipient of the ImpactHeme Award

Organize, Track & Manage Your Myeloma

Myeloma Canada’s Myeloma Monitor is an award-winning, easy-to-use application (app) designed specifically for multiple myeloma patients and their caregivers. Developed entirely by Myeloma Canada, this intuitive app helps you organize, track and manage your daily activities so you can better understand the many changes that occur, and decisions that need to be made, throughout the various stages of your myeloma journey.

Keep track of all of your medical results, appointments, medications, contacts, daily activities, feelings and more in one centralized place. Log your blood test results and graph how they’ve changed over time. Jot down questions for your healthcare team. Print out a report for your next appointment. These are just some of the ways the Myeloma Monitor acts as your personalized ‘companion’ or personal journal, keeping you on top of all the moving parts in tracking, managing and understanding your myeloma.

The Myeloma Monitor is available as a free download for your desktop or mobile device (cell phone or tablet). Completely confidential and secure, the app is password protected and encrypted to safeguard your information. All of the data entered belongs to you and resides only on your device. Under no circumstances will your information be shared with anyone; it remains absolutely confidential to you.

Download the Myeloma Monitor version you prefer by clicking on one of the links below:





All Myeloma Monitor features are customizable for your unique situation. You choose how you’d like to use the app and what to include to help you understand, feel empowered and involved in your healthcare decisions and journey.

Some new and/or enhanced features in this release include:

NEW features:

  • Files” upload section for storing and organizing your important files
  • Medications & supplements refill reminder option
  • Side effects section
  • Emergency Health Card “Report”

Enhanced features:

  • Easily personalized home page dashboard
  • Assign healthcare professionals and emergency contacts from Contacts
  • Quality of Life and side effects tracker
  • Practical reports that can be printed or downloaded for your files or healthcare team.
  • Medications & supplements organizer with refill reminder option
  • Fillable, at-a-glance calendar makes planning and organizing your days faster and easier.
  • ‘Questions’ area

Download the Myeloma Monitor How-to-Guide

For technical support, please email us at [email protected] or call,  toll-free,  1-888 798‑5771.

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